Following on from the ‘Clutch’ 12″, Hessle Audio triumvir Pearson Sound will contribute to a new compilation for Nonplus in 2013. 

As revealed in a Twitter message (and subsequent clarification) this afternoon, ‘Quivver’ will appear on a forthcoming compilation from Boddika’s ace Nonplus label. The association isn’t entirely unexpected: the pair memorably teamed up with Joy Orbison on this year’s ‘Faint’ single for SUNKLOFREE. ‘Quivver’ will be familiar to Hessle watchers, having turned up in recent mixes by Pangaea and Pearson Sound himself.

In contrast to the pointillist precision of ‘Untitled’ or ‘Clutch’, ‘Quivver’ is a bustling affair. The tumbling drums point back towards classic jungle, but there’s a hard, antiseptic feel that makes ‘Quivver’ uncanny rather than jubilant. Same goes for the vocal sample: the sentiment is sexy, but the delivery – quavering, processed, hesitant – is unsettling rather than alluring.

A clip of the track is available below.



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