Salutations, Duncan Cooper: writer for The Fader, and, as Wildarms, purveyor of muggy electronic pop.

Wildarms’ Clear Eyes EP arrives on label Cascine, whose speciality to date seems to have been dreamy electronic pop for indie kids (cf Picture, Chad Valley). If some of his labelmates struggle to make a lasting impression, Cooper’s music catches the eye. He’s painting with the same sort of sonic palette as the chillwavers, but his compositional approach – rich, collagist, occasionally a little absurd – is closer in spirit to Barcelona tropical fusionist El Guincho. ‘Full Hearts’, currently hosted over at Dazed Digital, is a good primer – a heady, good-natured scrimmage, shot through with the same sort of blasted romance as Clams Casino.

Clear Eyes will get a digital release on February 15.

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