Premiere: Download electronic soul artist Natasha Kmeto's 'Dirty Mind Melt'

The Portland singer/producer contorts her vocals over a swirling bit of R&B futurism.

Natasha Kmeto is another artist who is either — depending on your perspective — exploring the soulful side of electronic music or the digital side of soul music. The Los Angeles émigré kicks off 2013 with the release of her four-track Dirty Mind Melt EP, and FACT is proud to share a download of the title track.

‘Dirty Mind Melt’ features Kmeto’s wistful vocals as gently pitch-shifted fragments, thrown into a footwork-inflected percolator of a beat. Elsewhere on the EP, her vocals are presented as straightforward siren songs (‘Pleasure Delay’), while the productions subscribe to the anything-goes alchemy that is so popular in this end of the electronic music spectrum; ‘He Loves Me, She Loves Me Not’ builds into breakbeat-driven climax.

Download ‘Dirty Mind Melt’ and check out the EP’s cover art and tracklist below. The EP is due out on February 19 via Dropping Gems, and Kmeto will headline the label’s showcase tomorrow night at Portland’s Holocene.

1. Pleasure Delay
2. Dirty Mind Melt
3. Contranym
4. He Loves Me, She Loves Me Not



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