At the tail-end of the month, No Pain In Pop will release the second instalment of the The Bedroom Club compilation series.

Like its predecessor, which offered early exposure to patten and Pariah, The Bedroom Club II has plenty to recommend it, not least new material from Forest Swords’ Dyymond Of Durham alias. Also featured is repeatedly impressive Michigan-born electronic artist Karen Gwyer, whose contribution to the compilation is available to stream here for the first time.

The track, titled (smirk) ‘Tehe! Blah blah! Shhhh!’, is recommend listening for anyone who’s been bumping the ace L.I.E.S American Noise primer over the last few weeks (guilty as charged). At it’s heart, the track is the sort of pretty microhouse you might expect from Justus Köhncke or John Roberts. Gwyer’s looped chants and the all-engulfing synth washes, however, make for a viscous listen, as balmy as her great 2012 track ‘No Moondoggies For Three Weeks’. It might ostensibly take its name from an issue of The Beano, but ‘Tehe! Blah blah! Shhhh!’ is more than just knockabout larks.

The Bedroom Club II is due on January 28, and can be pre-ordered from No Pain In Pop.



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