Listen to Outkast's pseudo-reunion on the remix of Frank Ocean's 'Pink Matter'

Big Boi adds a verse to the Frank Ocean and Andre 3000 collaboration.

As originally conceived, Frank Ocean wanted both members of Outkast to appear on ‘Pink Matter’ but was rebuffed by Andre, who believed an Outkast reunion was best saved for their own album. Judging by the verse Big Boi has injected into his remix of the song, it appears that Andre’s instincts were right.

The original is a sweeping, soulful tribute to the female form. Ocean is at his poetic finest, and Three Stacks contributes one of his sharper guest verses (while contributing some ax work, as well). On the remix, Daddy Fat Sax’s rapid flow and pornographic lyrics (“make her ass spread like the back of a cobr”) undermine the song’s mood and tone.

Stream and download the remix below; at the very least, it’s an interesting curiosity while we await a proper reunion by the groundbreaking duo.



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