Download the third instalment in Mr. Revealomaniac's superb series of vinyl-only El-B mixes

As his bafflingly rejected 2012 remix of Disclosure proved, when El-B’s on form, no one is stopping the man.

One half of the legendary Groove Chronicles and a pronounced influence on Burial, Blackdown and countless other contemporary artists, El-B has a back catalogue full of UK garage classics – remixes and originals. Last year, a DJ called Mr. Revealomaniac posted two mixes to his Soundcloud – both were entirely made up of El-B vinyl singles, and both were fantastic, even attracting the attention of El-B, who posted several times about them on his official Facebook page.

This week, Revealomaniac has posted a third El-B, though this edition is a little different. We’ll let him explain:

“This time the mix does not live up to its title completely, since this also includes a couple of digital files. The reason for this is that I received a bunch of dubplates from El-B himself, and there has been some digital only releases of older tunes which was released recently. The mix will hopefully serve the purpose of an appendix, since it is more varied in the sound than the two earlier parts, which in contrast contained the main part of the his dark UKG sureshots.”

You can stream the mix below.



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