Hypercharged New York rapper Cakes Da Killa shares <em>The Eulogy</em>

Cakes Da Killa follows up his Easy Bake Oven EP with a project for Mishka.

Cakes Da Killa is the alias of college student Rashard Bradshaw. Utilizing the underground ballroom culture of NYC, anime, reggae and 90s cinema as his creative fuel, Cakes Da Killa’s The Eulogy is a hyperactive dance-rap album that establishes the nascent talent as one to watch.

The young rapper cites Cam’Ron, Lil Kim, and Foxy Brown as influences, and it shows. His kinetic beats boil over with bits of everything from bounce to Miami bass to footwork, all with that technicolor Dipset shine, while his sexualized lyrics recall those brash Brooklyn MCs.

The through-line is his hyperactive flow and playful, irreverent attitude. Stand-out ‘Goodie Goodies’ is a objectification anthem over a bounce beat, and on the bass-drenched ‘Da Good Book’, he flips the hook of Frank Ocean’s ‘Thinkin Bout You’ into something more personal. Stream/download The Eulogy below, via Mishka.



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