Dahlia Black is to Blue Daisy as Venom is to Spiderman.

As a member of the Tempo Clash collective, Blue Daisy’s built his rep making psychedelic instrumental hip-hop (cf 2011’s blunted fantasia The Sunday Gift). More recently, he’s joined forces with “newcomer” (or, as has been suggested, possible Blue Daisy pseudonym) ∇nknown ShΔpes for a beautiful EP for Black Acre, billed as an “hyper-reality fractalized acid trip to inner space”. His latest project, though, is a major break from the norm.

Blue Daisy’s new Dahlia Black alias clearly takes its cues from alternative US hip-hop. Consider the artwork – a spooky Tip-Ex job that looks like it’s been pilfered from oddfuture.tumblr.com. Then there’s Daisy’s flow, heavily in hock to SpaceGhostPurrp’s grubby murmur, with a Danny Brown shout-out to boot. And then you’ve got the instrumental, the sort of industrial hum-and-buzz that Le1f – or, perhaps, Death Grips – might feasibly turn out. Still, for all its debts, it’s an unexpected curveball from the producer, and a reminder that it’s still rare to hear a British voice over this sort of blog-friendly horrorcore. Spooky stuff.

‘Fuck A Rap Song’ drops on February 5 on new imprint 37 Adventures.

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