Premiere: listen to Dorian Concept's remix of Letherette's 'D&T'

The Austrian upstart sharpens the edges of Letherette’s latest Bangalter-nodding stomper.

‘D&T’ is a robust slice of disco-house that belies the mysterious duo’s UK origins. Even more so than ‘Warstones,’ ‘D&T’ is a fun-first approach to dance music, unafraid to unironically lay in a sinewy guitar solo over a chunky beat.

Fellow Ninja Tune signee Dorian Concept has reworked the track, preserving its widescreen ambitions but focusing the song’s energy into something more assertive. Listen below; percussion clatters and the melody builds with dramatic flair on something that barely resembles the original.

The single is due out on March 11, and also includes remixes by Clark and The Invisible. Letherette will release their self-titled debut album via Ninja Tune on April 15.

1. D&T- 3:16
2. D&T (Clark Remix) – 4:31
3. D&T (Dorian Concept Remix) – 5:08
4. D&T (The Invisible Remix) – 4:27
5. She Shines – 4:37



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