Attention, Alan Howarth aficionados: newcomer Alessandro Parisi might well be up your alley. 

Hailing from Pordenone, Italy, Parisi started out as one half of duo DMT Synth, who, contrary to their name, specialised in womp-womp electro. He’s now working alone, and, truth told, hasn’t made much of a dent thus far – the only official release to his name is an appearance on Minimal Rome’s Urbi Er Orbi III compilation in 2012. Debut LP Draconia, though, suggests plenty of promise.

Draconia arrives on Lux Rec, the eclectic Italian label responsible for releases from the excellent house producer D’Marc Cantu and Mathematics alumnus Joe Drive. The album – the label’s first –  features eight tracks of melodramatic Minimal Wave, recorded entirely on a JX-3P synthesiser and Roland TR-707 drum machine. Like Umberto’s recent Night Of A Thousand Screams, it combines brooding synths with some dancefloor muscle. It’s pretty one-note, and Parisi’s not exactly operating in a vacuum here, but Draconia is still compelling enough to merit 40 minutes of your time.

Draconia is due on April 1 on limited double red vinyl. [via Juno Plus]

1. The Rise of Draconia
2. Alpha Draconis Realm
3. Winged Adra Bloodline Arm
4. Nagarian Hyperspace Cruiser
5. Hutamak Endurance
6. Homo-Saurus Genome Manipulation
7. Silent Warrior
8. The Fall Of Draconia



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