L.W.H represents Main Attrakionz’ Green Ova imprint – and he sticks out like a particularly freaky sore thumb. 

The Texas native, now based in the Bay Area, is one-half of trippy production team The Executive Series, responsible for a glut of Main Attrakionz instrumentals (and, on 2012’s Chandelier, a full album-length collaboration with the pair). As a solo artist, he debuted with 2011’s twinkling The Tape Hiss Hooligan, a downbeat collection of psychedelic hip-hop heavy on the guest features. Last year’s CIA TV, meanwhile, featured contributions from Main Attrakionz and Friendzone, and stuck to frazzled, distortion-heavy loop music.

The VT AIC: Championship Edition mixtape, premiered over at Steady Bloggin’, shows an entirely different side to L.W.H. Solitary MondreM.A.N. feature aside, rap barely gets a nod. Instead, L.W.H. tilts between half-heard Goth a la Dirty Beaches (‘Spectral POV’), chugging post-punk (‘You’ve Got Too Much To Prove’), Vex Ruffin-style scuzz (‘I’m Breathing’) and crawling orchestral pop (‘Instrumental’). L.W.H’s an adaptable frontman, bringing a tremulous John Maus croon here, Futura 2000-style patter there, and the occasional bit of  Bright Eyes over-emoting to boot. By and large, L.W.H’s strike rate is as high as his attention span is short.

Head here to stream/download the tape.



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