Austin, Texas – not exactly footwork’s most abundant wellspring. 

For the last year odd, Austin DJs Nikes and Lefty have been running the 808k night, dedicated to footwork and juke. It’s no paltry tribute night: as well as local heads (Supraman, Ben Aqua), 808k has welcomed Chi-town figureheads like DJ Rashad, DJ Spinn and DJ Earl, and has built a reputation as one of the better satellite footwork nights in the States.

Nascent label FreshMoon have toasted the night with a new compilation, FreshMoon Presents: 808k Vol. 1. The collection features a clutch of unreleased material from the bigger names on the circuit: DJ Spinn contributes the rootsy ‘Deep’, and Traxman offers the spartan ‘Zone’. DJ Rashad, meanwhile, provides the 8-bit nightmare ‘Lickin’ And Kickin’, which sounds like a Commodore 64 having a conniption. DJ Manny and DJ Earl also contribute, as do a glut of lesser-known Texan players.

808k is available to buy for a price of your choosing here. Click below to stream the collection. [via Ad Hoc]

1. DJ Spinn – Deep 03:45
2. Fresh till Def x MoonDoctoR – Gimme the Sign 04:01
3. Supraman – Assidity 04:41
4. DJ Rashad – Lickin’ & Kickin’ 05:46
5. Arpebu – Keymosa’be! 03:37
6. Bames – Can Move 03:13
7. MoonDoctoR – Numbers 04:00
8. Bass Taco – Flip My Chips 02:57
9. Ben Aqua – Wanna Get Next 2 U 04:00
10. Traxman – Zone 03:26
11. DJ Manny – Driftin’ On By 02:48
12. DJ Earl – Teklife TakeOva 04:06
13. Taso – You Left Me 03:17



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