Listen to Gorgeous Children’s menacing rap crawler ‘Costly Bottle’

By , Mar 7 2013

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as rap so slow it would give My Bloody Valentine’s release schedule a run for its money, and Gorgeous Children’s ‘Costly Bottle’ barely even manages a crawl.

Set to a haunting, Lynchian jazz backdrop but punctuated by the sort of aggressive 16th hats you’d more likely fall over on a Chicago drill mixtape, ‘Costly Bottle’ is a masterclass in half tempo rap, and thankfully manages to inject some much-needed griminess back into the underground. With Denver’s Gila Monsta handling production duties and Washington-based Face Vega delivering the snarling rhymes this points to big things from both artists – Gila Monsta has already impressed with a slew of face melting remixes, and ‘Costly Bottle’ makes us assume they both have plenty more in store.

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