Montreal combo Suuns have been given the once-over by house up-and-comers Archie Pelago.

What with the return of Brandt Brauer Frick and Pantha Du Prince’s recent bellstravaganza, there’s a vogue of sorts for instrument-enhanced dance music. A fine time, then, for Brooklyn’s Archie Pelago to be breaking through. The three-piece fuse soulful house with live cello and woodwind – as demonstrated on their self-titled EP for Mister Saturday Night, they manage the fusion without slipping into worthiness or naffness.

Their remix of ‘2020’, taken from Suuns’ Images Du Futur LP for Secretly Canadian, shows their curious methodology at work. In their hands, ‘2020’ becomes a muggy house cut, decorated with jittery horns and treated strings a la The Books. Click below to stream.

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