Brainfeeder-affiliated LA exile Kutmah has done the world a service with this hour-long Sa-Ra mix, and we thank him for it.

LA trio The Sa-Ra Creative Partnership have long been a source of some of the weirdest neo soul and post Sun Ra Afro-futurism this side of Erykah Badu (who incidentally, they’ve produced for) but their output, almost byt its very nature has been sprawling and incredibly difficult to penetrate.

The threesome have the kind of catalogue that you really need an expert to unravel, and Sketchbook Radio man Kutmah has stepped up to the plate. Digging through the vaults like a pro, Kutmah has eked out only the very best moments from Om’Mas Keith, Taz Arnold and Shafiq Husayn, and it’s not only a collection of great tracks but it’s mixed well too.

What exactly we all did to deserve this, we’re not sure, but show the man some love and absorb the mix here, you won’t regret it.



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