µ-Ziq and Ital Tek collaborate as Mick & Alan; listen to the subdued 'Braindead Moth'

The Planet Mu mainstays share a one-off collaboration.

The combination of label boss Mike “µ-Ziq” Paradinas and Alan “Ital Tek” Myson is a no-brainer, and Myson takes to Soundcloud to explain the genesis of the track. “Mike and I were compiling tracks for my Nebula Dance album about a year or so ago round his house,” he says. “After the 10th cup of tea and the 100th demo we decided to try and write a track together.”

The result is ‘Braindead Moth’, a subdued soundscape warm with sub-bass and the type of Pure Moods synths used to great effect by Fatima al-Qadiri on her Genre-Specific Xperience EP. Stream/download the track below. As of late, Paradinas has been busy as one half of Heterotic, his project with Lara Rix-Martin. [via Dummy]



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