While ‘Shoulda Rolla’ appeared on Mixmag’s Introduction To Dubstep mix last year, this is the first time we’ve actually managed to hear the track in its full, unmixed glory.

A taster of Tectonic boss Pinch and funky pioneer Roska’s forthcoming 12″, this slow-burner follows the duo’s devastating ‘Paranormal Activity’ from way back in 2011. ‘Shoulda Rolla’ (pronounced ‘Shoulder Roller’) doesn’t try and re-invent the wheel, and in doing so manages to excel in its gloomy half-step low-end pressure and innovative percussive touches.

It’s a masterful blend of Pinch’s well-trodden atmospherics and Roska’s shirt-and-leather-shoes dancefloor expertise; think ‘Qawwali’ with congas and shakers and you’re probably on the right track. Hopefully the duo’s next collaboration won’t take quite so long to emerge.

‘Shoulda Rolla’ will be released on Tectonic on April 15.



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