Danny Brown has hardly been quiet lately but he’s back again with ‘Street Lights’, accompanying British producer Paul White.

White contributed a handful of beats to Brown’s acclaimed XXX, and has been credited as being Brown’s “fav producer to work with” so it’s hardly surprising that White was able to rope the Detroit spitter in for a guest spot.

The track itself again highlights the producer’s obsession with classic psychedelia, and sports a backdrop that sounds like it could have been snipped from any number of atmospheric 70s recordings. Far creepier than most of Brown’s hard-hitting output the track adds a new dimension to his voice, giving it a grumble and mystery that wouldn’t usually apply.

Just for added value, the full EP comes with a remix from Detroit’s Dabrye, a prospect we’re very excited about over these parts.

‘Street Lights’ is out on April 14 and can be pre-ordered here.



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