Listen to Andrew Weatherall's remix of The Emperor Machine's 'Like A Machine'

One UK veteran remixes another, with decidedly throwback results.

Andrew Weatherall and Andy “The Emperor Machine” Meecham are both longtime fixtures in the world of electronic music and no strangers to these parts; they both assembled FACT mixes way back in 2009).

Next month, The Emperor Machine will return with his first release in four years, and the darkly-sensual disco of ‘Like A Machine’ is certainly a return to form for the analogue fetishist. For his remix, Weatherall opts for something even more sinister, relying on rapid-fire synths and dueling vocal samples to cast the song as a tribute to “electric desire.”

Stream Weatherall’s remix below; the vinyl is due out on April 8 and is available to purchase from our friends at Phonica. Fans of Weatherall should also check out his remix of Primal Scream’s ‘2013’.

1. Like A Machine (Extended Erotic Vocal)
2. Like A Machine (Stretched Erotic Dub)
3. Like A Machine (Andrew Weatherall Remix)
4. Like A Machine (Extended Erotic Inst.)
5. System Seven Hundred



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