Ever since leaving Labradford, Mark Nelson’s solo work under the Pan American moniker has been a constant and reliable source of Grade A ambient bliss.

Standing firm in his sound, Nelson has been refining his particular brand of pulsing, hazy, 4/4 laced drone since the late 90s, and each album, however ineffably, manages to take it to a slightly different place. Now with regular collaborator Steven Hess  as a full time member Nelson follows 2009’s elegant White Bird Release with Cloud Room, Glass Room, set for release April 29 on Kranky.

‘Project for an Apartment Building’ is the first track to emerge from the new LP, and sets the scene beautifully with Nelson’s filtered guitar tones sailing through the kind of fuzzy dub backdrop you’d rather expect to find on a Deepchord record. Interestingly Labradford bassist Bobby Donne makes an appearance here too, adding to the already long list of reasons why you should take note. [via TheFader]

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