Dro Carey's synthesises Goth and grime on the ace <em>Vital Trails</em>

Ultra-industrious Sydney producer Eugene Hector has uploaded a killer new EP under his Dro Carey alias.

The five-track Vital Trails arrives through Hector’s well-stocked BRAINCAMP repository. In contrast to his Shrapnel Maestro LP (released as Tuff Sherm), Vital Trails keeps things sinister and kohl-eyed throughout. ‘Nightworld’ sounds like Vatican Shadow covering Radiohead’s ‘Idioteque’; ‘Second Missive’ is a killer bit of Gothic grime; and ‘Grill Mage’ jumps between breakbeat and trap rattle without so much as a by your leave. Chalk it up as another success for a producer finding his feet with impressive speed.

Click below to stream/download.

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