Bicep sample <em>The Wire</em> and channel <em>Twin Peaks</em> on 'The Game'

It’s not often a track simultaneously samples your two favourite TV shows, so props to Bicep for making a weary hack very happy. 

Later this month, Bicep will drop the Stash EP for Aus Music. The track titles alone (‘Courtside Drama’, ‘Rise’) suggested a heavy David Simon influence, but closing cut ‘The Game’ makes the debt thoroughly explicit.  ‘The Game’ features a vocal sample from The Wire‘s iconic anti-hero Omar Little, and a brooding synth line that sounds conspicuously like Angelo Badalamenti’s Twin Peaks OST. The track – a dusty 303 deep house jam – is more than just a novelty piece, exuding the same fuzzy glow as SAW-era Aphex.

Stash is due on April 15 [via Ad Hoc]



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