Stream Montreal shapeshifter Ghislain Poirier's new album under his Boundary alias

Montreal’s Ghislain Poirier, a producer best known for his work on the Ninja Tune label, this week releases a new collection under the name Boundary.

Titled simply Boundary, the set – according to a press release – aims to “offer up IDM [intelligent dance music – think Squarepusher, Autechre et al] as it was initially designed”, rather than the dancefloor-unfriendly, 500 breaks-per-minute approach that some quarters of the sound descended into. The album takes particular inspiration from Warp Records’ first Artificial Intelligence compilation, but there’s also elements of dancehall (‘Expo’), fragile ’90s electronica (‘Dilemma’), acid (‘You Tell Me’) and soca’s tribal bounce (‘Long Story Short’); FACT are premiering the full stream of the album, so tuck in below.

Boundary is out now; Poirier will be premiering the live side of the project at this year’s Mutek festival.

1. Fukushima
2. Double-Edged Sword
3. Expo 67
4. Bootleg Fireworks
5. Dilemna
6. Long Story Short
7. Quarantine
8. You Tell Me
9. Ghost Writer
10. Devil’s Triangle
11. Overcast
12. Abidjan
13. Etoiles



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