Premiere: Mr. Mitch gets 4x4 and mournful on vinyl only new single, 'On the Blob'

Widescreen grime producer and sometime kitten sampler, Mr. Mitch, has a new single due later this month.

Titled ‘On The Blob’, it packs all the smart minimalism of that recent ‘Catford’ track (linked above) but with none of the gimmick, riding sirens, ‘Pulse’-style bass hits and 4×4 kicks. On the B-side, the downtrodden ‘Milo’ looks to Mala’s ‘Alicia’ and Silkie’s more poignant work for inspiration, with a baby’s gurgle piercing the mix. It’s lovely stuff, the B-side especially, and will be released through DJ Shiftee’s Hot Mom USA label on April 22 – vinyl only. Pre-order it here.

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