Listen to Bruiser Brigade-associate Black Noi$e's uneasy 'Jester' beat

A protege of grime-rap beatsmith SKYWLKR, the Detroit producer readies his first EP.

Despite joining the growing list of rap acts with superfluous dollar signs in their names, newcomer Black Noi$e is doing his own thing, crafting beats that reference both early-aughts, NYC-flavored bangers and contemporary cloud stylings.

Black Noi$e has produced for newcomers Deniro Farrar, Joey Bada$$, Children of the Night, and World’s Fair (including their 50 Cent-nodding ’96 Knicks’), and he’s set to release his debut EP, $$$, on April 16 via Potholes Music. Stream the lead cut from the EP, ‘Jester’, below: a treat for fans of off-kilter beats that bounce between piano loops and dubstep wobble (which is better than it sounds on paper).



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