Premiere: Edinburgh trio Young Fathers share eerie video for 'I Heard'

A Casio click track gives way to synth swells and uneasy romanticism on the group’s latest single.

Young Fathers‘ composition sounds like the set-up to a bad joke (a Scot, a Liberian, and a Nigerian walk into a bar…) but the trio’s music is nothing to laugh at: with a free-wheeling approach that joins African percussion with left-field electronics (and keeps a foot each in R&B and hip-hop), Young Fathers are reminiscent of forebears like TV on the Radio.

The trio debuted earlier this year with their TAPE ONE EP, which they will follow-up with the equally eclectic TAPE TWO, due out on June 11 via Anticon. Lead single ‘I Heard’ is half-sung, half-rapped, and halfway between sorrowful and uplifting. The group directed the video, which relies on mirror effects and shaky-cam to make everything seem strange — especially the pseudo-exorcism that dominates the clip.



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