Hear Cooly G play house diva on Stay Positive's big room anthem 'You Hate Me'

Stay Positive, aka Manchester producer Matt Farthing, recruits Hyperdub’s resident siren for a maximal bit of 4×4 fluff.  

In the past, Farthing has had to pay tribute to his muses from a distance, bootlegging Samantha Mumba and Brandy & Monica. His latest, however, sees him tap up Cooly G for an original vocal turn. Whereas last year’s brooding Playin’ Me saw Cooly sticking to dark nooks and shady corners, ‘You Hate Me’ sees her stepping out into the (dry ice wreathed) spotlight. ‘You Hate Me’ places her pitch-shifted Cooly vocal over a trance-indebted house instrumental, ready made for Room 1. Stay Positive pitch it as a “high-octane demonic rave-monster of a record” – a bit of an oversell, but a fairly reasonable description of this giddy, guilty pleasure.

‘You Hate Me’ is taken from the Blood Brother EP,  due on August 1 on Stay Positive Industries. [via Pitchfork]



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