Brand New You’re Retro.

Culled from Tricky‘s fantastic (trust us) new album False Idols, ‘Tribal Drums’ is the latest taster of the Bristolian legend’s return to form, and features Francesca Belamonte on vocals. Adding a silky, disinterested lead to Tricky’s hoarse whisper, Belamonte sounds at ease stepping into Martina Topley-Bird’s shoes, and conquers the track without so much as a breath out of place. The production is typically sparse, with distorted, distant guitars layered beneath a loungey beatbox rhythm that in the wrong hands might sound goofy but with Tricky at the helm is imbued with an ominous sense of dread, and we’re all in favour of that.

FACT interviewed Tricky recently: you can read the whole thing here and see part one of the FACT TV version below.

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