Stream <em>Hokey Fright</em>, the debut album from Aesop Rock and Kimya Dawson's The Uncluded

Fig. A: backpack rap nonpareil Aesop Rock. Fig. B: Moldy Peach Kimya Dawson. Together, they are The Uncluded. 

Aesop and Dawson have been in each others’ pockets for some time: the pair are bosom buddies, and Dawson guested on Aesop’s 2012 LP Skelethon. Their collaborative The Uncluded project first saw the light of day on the loping ‘Bats’, featured on a split 12″ with Atmosphere last year.

Debut LP Hokey Fright was cobbled together on the fly across the world, with both parties playing all the instruments (although Yo La Tengo’s James McNew pitches in on ‘Delicate Cycle’. They make an unlikely pair: Dawson’s cutesy recitative is a very different proposition to Aesop’s grizzled patter, but they make for effective sparring partners. Twinkly indie-rap is the order of the day; head here to stream the album in its entirety, courtesy of The Current.

The Uncluded is due on May 7 through Rhymesayers.

1. Kryptonite
2. Delicate Cycle
3. TV on 10
4. Earthquake
5. Organs
6. Superheroes
7. Jambi Cafe
8. Bats
9. Scissorhands
10. Eyeball Soup
11. The Aquarium
12. Teleprompters
13. Alligator
15. Boomerang
16. Tits Up



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