Gaslamp Killer reanimates Heliocentrics' <em>13 Degrees Of Reality</em> on new mix

GLK goes to town on the follow-up to Heliocentrics’ 2007 debut Out There.

Malcolm Catto’s jazz-funk ensemble have always offered a heady brew of the exotic and the odd: Middle Eastern psych, African jazz, low-slung funk and frazzled krautrock all have a part to play in their inspired mish-mash of a sound. Following collaborations with Ethio jazz don Mulatu Astatqé and ethnomusicologist/musician Lloyd Miller, they recently dropped the 13 Degrees Of Reality LP – and they’ve now turned to Brainfeeder live-wire The Gaslamp Killer to remix it.

In The Gaslamp Killer’s hands, 13 Degrees Of Reality has been pulled to pieces and comprehensively rebuilt. The result is a 23-minute psychedelic tour de force – part Flaming Tunes, part Sun Ra, part Sunburned Hand Of The Man, all gravy.

In August, The Gaslamp Killer will bring L.A.’s club/institution The Low End Theory to the UK – click here for more information. [via Rolling Stone]



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