Premiere: The-Drum remixes phantasmagoric electro-pop act Bird Call

Two of Chicago’s busiest producers rework the NYC newcomers’ ‘Phantom Limbs’.

Bird Call is vocalist / songwriter Chiara Angelicola and producer Brian Senti. The original version of ‘Phantom Limbs’ showcases Angelicola’s seductive voice over a moody tapestry of horror score instrumentation. As they are wont to do, The-Drum imbue their remix with a spaced-out vibe that strips the track to its essentials while leaving the uneasiness of the original intact. There are even some nature sounds and bird calls, for good measure.

Stream the remix below. It is set to be part a remix EP out on June 3. The-Drum’s Contact is due out June 25, with Bird Call’s debut LP, Will We Get To Mars?, to follow later this year.

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