The Manchester-based musician is burning up.

Lone‘s particular brand of fuzzy, synth-heavy and deeply melodic dance music hasn’t gone unnoticed here, and his latest single ‘Airglow Fires’ might be his highest point to date. Built around a euphoric choral loop, the track morphs slowly into a floor-filling, swinging anthem, punctuated by smart, single-hit rap samples. It sounds almost as if Plaid’s defining Rest Proof Clockwork was chopped to bits and rewired by Joy Orbison, and that’s really no bad thing.

Matt Cutler still might be keeping an eye on the past, but with ‘Airglow Fires’ he proves he’s got plenty to keep people moving forward.

‘Airglow Fires’ is due for release on July 9 via R&S. [via Pitchfork]



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