Download Moog-flavored tracks by Laurel Halo, Brenmar, and Gavin Russom

Self-Titled gave three producers Moog gear and an Oblique Strategies card. Here are the results.

Armed with a rack of new Moog gear, divergent producers Laurel Halo, Brenmar, and Gavin Russom each crafted a track, with inspiration from Brian Eno’s creative block-breaking Oblique Strategies deck.

Each offering of the free EP is characteristic of the individual producer: Halo’s ‘M-14’ is a moody construction dedicated to “those quiet evenings;” Brenmar’s ‘Moog Beat’ is a club-ready hip-hop track; ‘MRussom’s 11-minute ‘Our Streets’ is the soundtrack to a “holistic workout.” Download the set below.



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