The headline set from last week’s Bok Bok-curated OG grime Boiler Room session has been made live.

Pairing off Riko and Slimzee (a.k.a. Rinse’s old Sunday afternoon duo!) it does exactly what you’d expect: Slimzee rolls through a selection of vintage instruments while Riko gives it the heaviest yardman flows in the game. It’s not exactly a new formula, but it’s always going to be winning one around these parts. Some early observations: watching Slimzee using CDJs is really weird, but at least they don’t skip all over the place like a lot of his dubplates do at this point, and occasional FACT scribe Dan Hancox is having the time of his life in the crowd.

Slimzee has been more active than usual of late, posting a series of old sets to his Soundcloud. You can check those out here.

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