Rome Fortune vs. Toro Y Moi?

Atlanta rapper Rome Fortune has to be one of our favourite artists right now, he was featured in FACT’s recent Hip-hop in 2013… For Dummies rundown, and his mixtape Beautiful Pimp has been one of the stand-out releases of the year. Now he’s back with another unexpected new cut, which sees future-facing production duo FKi rewiring Les Sins‘s Grind‘, and Rome laying down his unmistakable rhymes over the top.

It’s kind of astonishing how well Rome’s vocals fit with Chaz Bundick’s sizzling funk, and with some subtle extra low-end and a trunk-rattling beat from FKi this might be one of the best tracks we’ve heard from Rome to date. With the summer in full-swing, it looks like we’ve got another sun-drenched anthem – go grab the lemonade and enjoy.

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