One Circle is a brand new project from the minds of Italian trio Lorenzo Senni (whose Editions Mego LP Quantum Jelly was an underrated gem), Monkeytown’s Vaghe Stelle and young soundtrack composer A:RA.

The trio’s debut EP Flight To Forever is out next week on London’s Left Blank imprint, and ‘3D Immersive’ is one of its indisputable highlights. Beginning with rich kosmiche synth textures you might expect to hear on a Oneohtrix Point Never album, the track immediately switches course as a lurching, pulsating rhythm cuts through, leaving traces of Vladislav Delay‘s sizzling off-world dub.

Melancholy and strangely alluring, ‘3D Immersive’ is an intriguing portrait of a captivating new act, and comes accompanied by a suitably chilling set of visuals, take a look below.

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