Boston’s Supply Records have been busily issuing hand-stamped 4/4 gems for a while now, and co-signed by Honest Jon’s and Panorama Bar’s Steffi, they’re definitely doing something right.

The label’s latest drop comes from Soren Jahan, this time producing under the Mechaniker moniker. Entitled Station, it’s a grizzled collection of warehouse shakers, and few shake quite so hard as the EP’s similarly-titled opening track.

It’s important to remember that just because this gloomy, bass-heavy track has an industrial edge it doesn’t mean you have to lump it in with the often lazy noise techno subgenre that has erupted over the last couple of years. Rather Jahan’s vision is focused and decidedly well produced, but replete with just enough grinding, chest pummeling evil to bring to mind Surgeon, Regis and the Birmingham set.

Station EP is out now on Supply Records.

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