Jon Hopkins has released a new video from his latest album Immunity.

You can watch the Anthony Dickenson-directed clip for ‘Breathe This Air’, featuring Purity Ring’s Megan James on vocals, above. In a press release, the director describes the video thus:

“I was interested in those times when you think you’re totally alone in your thoughts and something unexpectedly disrupts that, snapping you out. The characters in the film have very different stories but I wanted to create distinct parallels, bringing them closer and closer until they actually intersect in a single defining moment.”

‘Breathe This Air’ is out now as a 12″ single, backed by Hopkins’ remix of Purity Ring’s ‘Amenamy’. Hopkins’ Immunity is up for this year’s Mercury Prize – you can read FACT’s run-down of the award’s nominees here, and listen to Hopkins’ FACT mix here.



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