The Streets' Mike Skinner gets romantic on new instrumental cut 'Know There's No'

‘Has It Come To This’, ‘Weak Become Heroes’ – Mike Skinner‘s always had a dab hand with pianos, and ‘Know There’s No’ finds the Streets producer back to his best.

In a way, ‘Know There’s No’ feels like a mid-point between various sides of Skinner: there’s the re-pitched vocals synonymous with a lot of what he DJs these days (it’s particularly reminiscent of Eliphino’s ‘More Than Me’, in fact), the romantic piano loops that he enjoyed throughout early albums like Original Pirate Material, and a beat somewhere between garage, house and hip-hop. Plus, it wouldn’t be Skinner without it being weird, and that build-up of muffled claps are like Moodymann at his oddest [via RBMA].

Stream ‘Know There’s No’ and watch FACT TV go Record Shopping with Mike Skinner and Rob Harvey below.



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