FACT mix 408 -- Eclair Fifi -

Fresh from her residency on Radio 1’s In New DJs We Trust rotation, Eclair Fifi delivers a long-awaited mix for FACT.

This idea of “eclectic” DJs has always been kind of a myth to us – yes, there’s a lot to be said for the Youngstas of this world who make their name picking and choosing from a small selection of artists from one genre, but most people are eclectic by default, and if the idea of a DJ wanting to play, let’s say, a garage track followed by a hip-hop track is alien to you, then that probably says more about your own insularity than their attitude.

That said, it’s not easy to switch up styles and tempos without sounding like a human iPod at a student night, and Eclair Fifi does it better than most. Part of Scotland’s LuckyMe family (Hudson Mohawke, Jacques Greene et al) since the start, we’ve been bumping Fifi’s mixes in our office for years. It seems crazy than it took this long to call in a FACT mix, but the timing couldn’t have worked out better: Fifi is on top of her game at the moment, and her session for us blends sub-zero grime (Inkke), gutter club tracks (Mz Thang’s ‘Boy Don’t Waste My Time’), r’n’b and more like it’s nothing. Honestly, shit’s seamless.

On November 9, Eclair Fifi and a selection of her nearest and dearest – Detroit legend Kevin Saunderson, Dantiez Saunderson, Eddie Flashin Fowlkes and the usual secret guests, to be precise – will descend on London’s Circus Space. For more information and tickets, head here.


01 Bengalfuel – Wight
02 Oneohtrix Point Never – Chrome Country (Warp)
03 Willow – Summer fling
04 Inkke – Pastel Pantones (Local Action)
05 Noel – Silent Morning
06 Nguzunguzu – Vision of Completion (Fade to Mind)
07 Young Dro – FDB
08 Lake Eerie – 54 Percapella
09 DJ Technic – He Loves Me (Dew Doo Mix)
10 POL Style ft. Matrixxman & Vin Sol – SAW
11 Whitehead Bros – Sex on the Beach
12 Jimmy Edgar – Mercurio
13 Mz Thang – Boy Don’t Waste My Time
14 Dubbel Dutch – Left behind (Mixpak)
15 Dario – A Broken Promise
16 Jam City – 500 Years (Nightslugs)
16 DJ Unique – Grind on me (Prod by DJ Bake)
17 Life Sim – Caladhort (PC Music
18 Jayhood – Heartbroken
19 Obey City – Fission Mmission (LuckyMe)
20 Midnight Star – Midas touch
21 Kenny Larkin – Nocturnal
22 Kerry Chandler – Inspiration
23 Panoram – Alone in Hawaii (Firecracker)
24 Laissez faire – In Paradise
25 Sevendeaths – All Nights Graves (LuckyMe)



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