Jim ‘Om Unit‘ Coles has been releasing music for over a decade. 

Previously, he was best known for his hip-hop work as 2Tall, but his more dancefloor-orientated work as Om Unit has since taken on a life of its own – first on a popular remix for Joker and original material for Terrorhythm and All City, and more recently, with quicker, drum’n’bass tempo records for Metalheadz and Civil Music, who’ve released Om Unit’s debut album ThreadsLast year, he released a series of edits under the pseudonym Phillip D. Kick that proved influential in their blend of jungle and footwork, a combination that was also being explored by Machinedrum; the pair later collaborated as Dream Continuum.

FACT’s Laurent Fintoni sat down with Coles for FACT TV to pick out 10 influential records from his collection, and talk about the role that each of them have played in his musical career. Burial, Loefah, Quasimoto and more feature.

Om Unit’s work featured heavily in Fintoni’s recent feature on drum’n’bass’s 2013 resurgence – you can read that here.



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