The tracklist for GIRL is out – and it seems like 2013’s most capped guest star is calling in a few favours of his own.

Pharrell‘s forthcoming solo LP will run to 11 tracks, and will boast a predictably starry cast. Old robo-muckers Daft Punk will feature on ‘Gust Of Wind’, and Justin Timberlake will make an appearance on ‘Brand New’. Other guests include Miley Cyrus (‘Come Get It’), Alicia Keys (‘I Know Who You Are’) and one of our R&B singers to keep an eye on in 2014, all-grown-up child star JoJo (‘Freq’). As reported, the Oscar nominated ‘Happy’ will also feature.

GIRL is due on March 3. According to Pharrell, the album tackles “the difference between [age] 30 and 40″ and will feature “no rapping. It’s focused.”

[via Popjustice]

1. Marilyn Monroe
2. Brand New feat Justin Timberlake
3. Hunter
4. Gush
5. Happy
6. Come Get It feat Miley Cyrus
7. Gust Of Wind feat Daft Punk
8. Lost Queen
9. Freq
10. I Know Who You Are feat Alicia Keys
11. It Girl



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