FACT mix 443: Rabit

This week’s FACT mix comes from Rabit, a Houston producer exploring club dynamics like few others.

It’s obvious to state that club music usually sounds best in a club, but Rabit’s tracks  sometimes make little sense outside of it. Hearing ‘Wolf Spider’, from last year’s Double Dragon EP, loud in a dark room… well, it feels like you’re in a can being crushed, or something equally perverse. Then there are tracks like ‘Scope’, effectively a succession of bass sounds that hit like electric shocks, or ‘Satellites’, a transportive take on ‘Pulse X’ where the concept of gravity is thrown completely out the window.

Sure, we’re getting carried away, but that’s what Rabit’s deeply physical music does – it grabs you by the back of the neck (or sometimes the throat) and takes you somewhere else entirely. We interviewed him last year, and now – with an album for Tri Angle in the pipeline, as well as a white label EP forthcoming on Glacial Sound and a contribution to Mumdance and Logos’s newly-minted Different Circles label – we present his FACT mix, packed with unreleased material.



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