FACT TV and Sound Pellegrino presents Meet Koyote, a documentary about one of French club music’s best-kept secret. 

Although he’s far from a household name, key figures in French clubbing such as Teki Latex, DJ Orgasmic and Manare – all featured in Meet Koyote, along with Detroit’s DJ Nasty and others – revere Koyote for his encyclopaedic knowledge of dance music, his musical approach (a healthy combination of wide-eyed naivety and not giving a fuck) and his contribution to the Paris scene as a booker, DJ and producer.

Emile Shahidi – label manager at Sound Pellegrino, who just released Koyote’s latest EP, Let Me Tell You What I’ve Got – compares Koyote’s music to Matt Groening using high school bands to play music in The Simpsons, despite it being arranged by professionals. “This EP reminds me of that approach”, she explains, “anti-elitist sounds and instruments serving a very confident release that stretches our personal definitions of house to spy movie scores played by children, characterised with playfulness and radiating the pure joy of creating music.”

Let Me Tell You What I’ve Got is out now on Sound Pellegrino on both vinyl and digital (the vinyl version features a track exclusive to the 12″, ‘Brigitte’. You can stream the EP below, and buy it here.


Shot & cut by Hugo Campan, produced by Emile Shahidi for Sound Pellegrino.
All music from Koyote’s Let Me Tell You What I’ve Got



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