Shapednoise describes his sound as “grinding Electronics/Noise and Speaker Ripping Techno,” and we’re inclined to agree.

The Italian producer has a way of doing things to your speakers that you don’t expect. His music’s physical in the way that fevers and heartbreak and fear are physical, affecting every sense at once and casting a shadow over every inch of your periphery. He’s got a background in audio engineering, and he uses it in the most effective possible sense.

For the last four years he’s been co-running the Repitch label with Ascion and D. Carbone, mostly releasing music by the label’s in-house producers but also offering opportunities to like-minded sadists like Sleeparchive and Violet Poison – with whom Shapednoise has collaborated as Violetshaped. Speaking of sadists, it was no surprise when Dominick Fernow (a.k.a. noise demigod Prurient) picked up Shapednoise’s debut album in 2013, The Day of Revenge.

The years since The Day of Revenge have seen Shapednoise continue to build up a collaborative portfolio – he’s worked with visual artist sYn, and recently unveiled a live collaboration at Berlin’s CTM Festival with Mumdance and Logos (the group, we’re told, will continue to collaborate together under the name The Sprawl). He’s also co-launched a new label Cosmo Rhythmatic, and released Until Human Voices Wake Us, an excellent mini-album on Opal Tapes.

Shapednoise’s FACT mix, recorded late last year, is as twisted as you’d expect. It ranges from techno to jungle to gothic quasi-pop to a distorted recording of Squarepusher and Keith Fullerton Whitman talking about kittens, but everything sits together through clipping, distortion and shitloads of noise.

Neel -­ Phobos (Spectrum Spools)
Squarepusher vs Keith Fullerton Whitman ­Interview
The Stranger ­- Kirkbymoorside (History Always Favours the Winners)
TCF -­ F8 5E BB 63 94 B5 17 BA 74 AC 11 EE 33 86 B2 7E 93 E0 E4 AA B4 CF 1F 64 (Liberation Technologies)
Logos ­- Glass (Shapednoise Remix) (Different Circles)
Gondwana -­ Binaural Beats (Forthcoming on Opal Tapes)
Elizabethan Collar – 04 (Aught)
Oake – ­Vorwort: Umiha Sien (Downwards)
Imaginary Forces ­- Council Flat (Beduin Records)
The Body ­- Hail To Thee, Everlasting Pain (Rvng Intl.)
Samuel Kerridge -­ Paint It Black Reprise (Blueprint)
Skam – Sandy (Avian)
Damian Dubrovnik ­- Blue Mussels (Alter)
Akkord ­- HTH020 (The Haxan Cloak’s Cloud of Witness Remix)
AnD -­ Relic Radiation (Electric Deluxe)
Grischa Lichtenberger ­- 1011_27_#5b (Raster Noton)
James Hoff -­ Erblast (PAN)
Chris Petit -­ Museum Of Loneliness / Flickers (Test Centre)
Lakker ­- Untitled (Unreleased)
Hecker – Chimärisation (Editions Mego)
Shit and Shine – Who’s Your Waitress (Diagonal)



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