A Spotify press event has revealed the future of the streaming platform, and as expected, it doesn’t just involve music.

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek took to the stage in New York earlier today (May 20) to introduce a “new Spotify experience” he descibed as a “more accessible, personal, and useable than anything in music.”

The new features include mood-based playlists that adapt to your day, including the depressingly titled “Morning Commute” and “Evening Commute”.

Spotify also confirmed its plans to enter the video streaming sector, though at the moment it seems limited to short-form content rather than full episodes like Netflix. Partners include BBC, Vice News, MTV, ESPN, Adult Swim and TED, though Spotify also promised “original content” coming soon.

Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer, creators of Comedy Central’s Broad City took the stage to show a clip from the show to demonstrate how the video content will play a part in Spotify’s wider strategy, which involves digesting video clips to suit your mood and time of day like you would songs.

Chief product officer Gustav Söderström also introduced a feature that allows Spotify to match music to your running pace. Arguing that “running to the beat” like “dancing to the beat” is much more fun, Spotify now uses your phone’s accelerometer to detect your running pace and find songs to match in just five seconds.

Spotify’s exercise features go further – aiming to keep the “runner’s high” going for the whole run, Spotify has commissioned artists to create music that keeps to your pace, including Tiësto. This was perhaps the biggest surprise in what was otherwise a presentation full of previous rumours that largely held true.

The presentation comes just a few weeks from Apple’s WWDC at which the company is expected to announce its own streaming plans, and follows Tidal’s own move into bespoke content.

According to Ek, the rollout starts in the US, UK, Germany and Sweden today and will continues over the next few weeks.



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