The Werkdiscs regular readies a four-tracker of “futurist club music.”

Moiré will release his first new music since last year’s Shelter: a four-track EP entitled Gel. “I was inspired by minimalism, ambience and most of all, the power of club and music spaces,” he explains.

The EP was created amid “limitations and restrictions” intended to help the listener get lost “in the throws of dancefloor hedonism.” Whatever his process, it worked: lead cut ‘STFN’ (below) is powerful, pulsating dance music.

Gel is due out on October 9; the cover art and tracklist follow. Previously, we caught up with Moiré about the Hamburg studio that birthed Shelter and the five key synths behind the album’s sound.


A1. Let Down
B1. Gel
B2. Blind



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