Bing & Ruth is a minimalist collective based in New York, led by composer and pianist David Moore.

Formed in the mid-2010s, the group has evolved through several changes of personnel and label, recently settling with hometown label RVNG Intl. for the release of 2014’s Tomorrow Was The Golden Age. Bing & Ruth’s highest profile record to date, Joe Muggs described it in FACT as a record that “hints towards life as being full of beauty rather than something to be endured … basically really very gorgeous indeed. One to stick on after a really, really good night and have flying dreams to.”

This year, Bing & Ruth followed Tomorrow Was The Golden Age with a remastered reissue of 2010’s City Lake (also through RVNG) and a tour for Moore’s ensemble which includes a show at London’s Royal Albert Hall. Perfect for December mornings, Bing & Ruth’s FACT mix features frosty sweeps of ambience, moonlit torch songs, oddball jazz and more. Dive in below.

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