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FACT mix 536: Not Waving

Alessio Natalizia unleashes the pustulent club material for your sick disco.

The Italian artist has been on our radar for what seems like forever, operating under a variety of guises: the dreamy, distorted romance of Banjo or Freakout, his Kompakt-signed cosmic dance duo WALLS with Sam Willis, and most recently the prolific Not Waving, a channel for his post-punk and EBM-skewed passions.

Hooking up with Diagonal last year gave Natalizia a welcoming home for his increasingly fierce and off-kilter club music, finding common ground with label boss Powell’s deconstructed take on ‘80s industrial, no wave, acid and freak music of all stripes. His first album for the label, Animals, came out last week and is easily one of the most diverse and satisfying records in Diagonal’s history.

Natalizia’s FACT mix is a comprehensive introduction to his scorched netherworld, populated by a distinctly unwell selection of vampire punks, feedback wranglers and fizzing, half-sentient machines. “It’s a punk rock mixtape, not a dance mix,” he says. “There’s loads of stuff, random ideas, weird shit and a couple of edits. At times there are three songs going at the same time. So yeah, it’s a bit wrong.”

Expect Fad Gadget, Grouper, Jamal Moss, Fugazi, Armando, Mumdance, Glenn Branca, Alien Sex Fiend and worse.


Paper Eyes – ‘The Clicker’
Crash Course In Science – ‘Cardboard Lamb’
Gavin Russom – ‘Trashing Truth’
Not Waving – ‘I Know I Know I Know’
Armando – ‘Pleasure Dome’
Elizabethan Collar – ’07’
The Tapes – ‘Time Out Of Joint’
Schläfengarten – ‘Spring Cleaning’
P1/E – ’49 Second Romance’ (Powell Remix)
Zombies Under Stress – ‘Fanaticism & Hysteria’
Montauk Boys – ‘Unified Phase Transition’
Psychic Tv & Jack The Tab – ‘Thee Politics Ov Ecstasy’
Camberwell Now – ‘Speculative Fiction’ (NW Edit Ruffmix06)
Doris Norton – ‘Jx-3p Software’
Eric Copeland – ‘Stud Music’
Blacktail – ‘Now Muzik’
Primitive World – ‘Helican Rising’
Mumdance – ‘Path Of The Seer’
Ciccone Youth – ‘Into The Groovey’
Grouper – ‘Made Of Air’
The Microphones – ‘I. The Sun’
Frank Bretschneider – ‘Erika’
F:A.R. – ‘Lucciole Preservate’
Miss Nicky Trax – ‘Acid In The House’
Lxss – Introduction ‘Sych’
Fad Gadget – ‘Coitus Interruptus’ (NW Edit)
J Dilla – ‘Donuts’
Not Waving – ‘Punch’
The Faxx – ‘Corruption’
Glenn Branca – ‘Acoustic Phenomena’
Za Za – ‘Zauberstab’
Martin Rev – ‘Clouds Of Glory’
Front Assembly Line – ‘Teardown’
Nw – ‘Acidman’
Wire – ‘Jumping Mint’
L/F/D/M – ‘Rum And Black’
Jamal Moss – ‘Track 1’
Alien Sex Fiend – ‘Blackward Beaver
Fugazi – ‘No Surprise’
Judy Nylon – ‘Jailhouse Rock’



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