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FACT mix 540: Via App

Killer App.

Brooklyn-based techno outsider Dylan Scheer (aka Via App) cut her teeth on the Boston noise circuit, playing scuzzy shows in basements and lofts, before targeting the rest of the world with her exemplary debut album Dangerous Game in 2014 (which placed highly in our albums of the year list). She took it even further last year with her vinyl debut, the woozy 7 Headed EP, which expanded on Dangerous Game’s promise and pushed her hiccuping techno further into the fringes.

On her FACT mix, Scheer stitches together a suite of her own productions, collaborations with Brooklyn-based L.I.E.S.-affiliate Bookworms (as Asthyna) and a bubbling mass of tracks from old hands (Christian Vogel, Daniel Bell), New England’s brightest hopes (Wilted Woman, Isabella) and loads more.

Via App plays Rewire festival in The Hague on April 2 alongside Gazelle Twin, Matana Roberts, Not Waving and more.

If you can’t make that date, she’s also performing at Tallinn’s Lekker on March 24, Kaiku in Helsinki on March 25, Madrid’s Siroco on March 31 and St. Georg in Berlin on April 1.


Asthyna – ‘Untitled’
Wilted Woman – ‘Pound’
Christian Vogel- ‘Arctic Wolfman’
Nick Klein – ‘Christian Rock Concert’
Syoko – ‘Magie’
Via App – ‘numb goalies’
Digital Princezz – ‘Out of Focus’
Christian Vogel – ‘Absorbulance’
Via App – ‘Far She’
DBX – ‘City on the Edge of Forever’
Via App – ‘Curious Imprint’
Valise – ‘Zero Copula Excerpt’
L. Lewis – ‘Untitled’
Bookworms – ‘STE-051’
FKY – ‘Piste 6’
Ciarra Black – ‘Axi Flux’
J.R.H.N.B.R. – ‘Raindrop’s Locker’
Via App – ‘The Beast Beneath’
Isabella – ‘Goldsworthy Two Step’
Asthyna – ‘Untitled 77’
Via App – ‘Southern Twang’



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